Let the data flow…

I’m happy to report that the first set of sample data recently emerged from the library management system (LMS) at John Rylands.  This process was not as complex as anticipated since nearly all of the relevant data is in one Sybase table which can easily be exported.  Each loaned document in this data is identified by a Talis specific ITEM_ID so a little extra work is required to pull the corresponding ISBN from another table.  However, this task is believed to be straightforward.

For info, the sample data was for just a one hour period on one particular day – 9-10am on Tuesday 8th March 2011 since you ask – and comprised details of 839 transactions, amongst which were 159 new loans.

That just leaves us with 3.5 million records to go!

As a bloke wiser than myself once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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